Cost of Emergency Care for Patients without Insurance

The Emergency Room (ER) Level of Care Charge

The cost of your emergency visit is determined by the level of care you need including the amount of resources utilized for assessing, testing, treating and monitoring you. Usually, more complex or severe problems will cost more. Increased tests, examinations and coordination may be needed to determine your diagnosis, stabilize and treat you. 

    NOTE: These are ER level of care charges for patients that DO NOT have insurance. Lab tests, medications, procedures, physician charges and diagnostic tests are NOT included in the Emergency level charge.  

    The Emergency Room (ER) charge level (1-5) is determined by the amount AND complexity of the services provided by nursing and other care staff including: 

    • Assessing your condition
    • Patient monitoring
    • Pain management
    • Procedures performed
    • Coordination of care with other departments and care givers
    • Complexity of the treatment provided
    • Extra services needed for patients (security, isolation, interpreter, precautions, discharge planning, etc.)

    Understanding your bill

    You will receive multiple bills for your ER visit.  

    Most people will receive additional charges from SCL Health on their hospital bill for an ER visit.  These may be for lab work, x-rays or other imaging, medications, and other necessary treatments, procedures or supplies.

    You will also receive separate bills from physicians involved in your care at an SCL Health hospital. You will receive a bill from the ER Physician and may also receive bills from other providers such as a Radiologist for the reading of an x-ray or other imaging services.

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