Education and Support

When you know more, it’s easier to prevent emergencies from happening and manage them if they do. To keep you and your family healthy and safe, we offer online resources, classes, support groups and more.

Learn to prevent and handle emergencies

Our online health library is full of tips to prevent and manage emergencies, including these resources:

Visit the online library to learn more about specific health topics.

Explore classes and events

You’ll find a variety of education options at a hospital near you. Many locations offer patient education seminars on specific health conditions. You’ll benefit from the knowledge of local experts and the support of others who share your experience.

CPR and first aid

Training in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and first aid is a good idea for everyone, especially if you’re responsible for children or older adults or live with someone with a medical condition like heart disease or epilepsy. You never know when having a lifesaving skill could help you protect someone you love or be a hero to a stranger.

Find classes and events at a location near you.

Get support from others

If your visit to our ER has resulted in a life-changing diagnosis, like cancer, heart problems or a neurological disorder, or if you’ve lost someone you love, we’re here to help. Join one of our support groups to get resources and emotional support for yourself or your loved ones.

Find support groups at a hospital near you.

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