A new year with new options for care.

Starting in 2021, National Jewish Health faculty and staff, through their new health insurance relationship with Cigna, will have access to a new network of care providers that will include SCL Health Medical Group practices and physicians. As clinical partners for the past six years, SCL Health Medical Group welcomes our friends and colleagues who may be looking for new primary care options close to home, work or school.

Find the Provider Right for You

Internal Medicine, Family Medicine & OB-Gyn

SCL Health Medical Group provides a wide-range of primary care options to meet your needs. Our Denver-area network includes more than 200 employed providers in Denver, including internal medicine, family medicine, and OB-Gyn physicians to provide care for you and your family. In addition to in-person care, we also offer scheduled video visits and on-demand next available video visits that use only SCL Health Medical Group providers to ensure consistency of care.

Practice Locations: Current & Coming Soon

SCL Health Medical Group has convenient practice locations throughout the Denver Metro Area.

Scheduling & Assistance

Let us help make finding a new provider and scheduling easy. Call our transition phone line at 303-403-3312.

Learn how you can request your medical records from Kaiser Permanente.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SCL Health Medical Group run by Physician Health Partners (PHP)?

SCL Health Medical Group has a relationship with PHP, as do most of the larger medical groups in the Denver area, but we are an independent medical group that is wholly managed by SCL Health.

How difficult will it be to get prescriptions or medical imaging?

Many SCL Health Medical group locations are close to SCL Health medical campuses where prescriptions and imaging are widely available. For locations in more remote parts of the metro area, clinics are designed to have access to in-house or partnered imaging centers and pharmacies.

Will I have to wait weeks or months for an appointment if I select an SCL Health Medical Group provider?

Not at all! National Jewish Health faculty and staff will be able to take advantage of the wide availability of appointments offered by SCL Health Medical Group providers to take care of physicals, delayed or routine care.

What type of EMR and online portal does SCL Health use?

Similar to other health systems in Denver, SCL Health uses Epic and MyChart. For patients, including those coming from Kaiser Permanente, the online portal, medical records, virtual care access and provider communications available in MyChart should be very familiar.

How do I find a doctor?

There are several ways to find an SCL Health Medical Group provider that meets your needs. You can find a primary care or internal medicine physician here. You can find an OB-Gyn or midwife here. Finally, you are looking for another type of specialist, you can search for a specialist here. You can also call 303-403-3312 to help you find a new provider over the phone.

What if I’m in the middle of a health event or issue?

With new insurance coverage, your existing care team may no longer be available or may be considered out-of-network. It will be important to review your new coverage and benefits to see what options you have available to you. In the event that you need to find a new provider or care team, please call 303-403-3312 so one of our phone agents can discuss your situation and connect you with SCL Health Medical Group providers. You may also need to transfer medical records from Kaiser Permanente, which will require a call to 303-404-4700.