Through Another’s Eyes - Angels on the Journey

Gloria Tucker’s remarkable COVID-19 journey began on January 4, 2021 when she arrived at the Holy Rosary Healthcare Emergency Room with COVID-19 symptoms. She was COVID-19 positive, but didn’t require hospitalization at that point. She was directed to go home, rest and if symptoms became more severe, to please come back. Unfortunately, her symptoms worsened and she returned to Holy Rosary Healthcare a couple days later. Gloria was admitted to the Medical Surgical unit for inpatient care where she underwent numerous medical treatments with the help of her “angels,” which is what Gloria called her healthcare team.

Her symptoms continued to worsen and she was relocated to the Intensive Care Unit. After several days of trying several different treatments, it was determined that Gloria needed a higher level of care.

She was flown to Holy Rosary’s SCL Health sister hospital in Billings, St. Vincent Healthcare. When Gloria arrived at St. Vincent, she met another “angel” that held her hand and helped put her at ease. One night during her hospital stay, she said, “I could feel God’s arms around me. I didn’t want to die, but I was at peace. I was not afraid because I could feel his arms around me.”

In the days that followed, Gloria’s health took a positive turn and began to improve significantly. Within a few days, she was transferred to the Advanced Care Hospital of Montana until she could make the trip back home to Holy Rosary Healthcare for rehabilitation.

On February 5, Gloria arrived back in Miles City using five liters of oxygen and still weak from her illness. She was happy to see some of her “angels” that had cared for her during her previous stay, but was thrilled to meet others that would help guide her through recovery.

Tia Seleg, a Holy Rosary Respiratory Therapist, was overjoyed when she saw Gloria in much better health than in the month prior.

“She is one of my favorites, we always have a good time together,” said Seleg. “I actually played rock, paper, scissors with another RT to see who got to do her treatment. She has really become part of the family here. I feel honored to be able to work with her to get her to a point where she gets to finally go home.”

On March 17, Gloria was discharged from Holy Rosary Healthcare.

“I didn’t know if I would ever get to go home again, but thanks to God, his angels and great medical treatments, I do get to,” said Gloria. “I’m excited and nervous, but my family will be there to help me. COVID-19 has changed my life, this is real, but I’m blessed to be able to continue my journey. I’m truly going to miss my compassionate, fun care team. Everyone has been an angel to me. The care I received at Holy Rosary Healthcare from start to finish has been truly amazing.”

As Gloria was wheeled out of the hospital, with only two liters of oxygen and a lot more strength, she was met with applause and prayers from Holy Rosary caregivers and her family as they celebrated all she has endured and overcome in the past two and a half months.

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