Holy Rosary Surgical Services Team Makes Masks to Keep Associates Safe

Recently, members of Holy Rosary’s surgical services team began producing masks for associates and patients. These masks are an important part of Holy Rosary’s strategy as they continue to prepare for COVID-19 and the personal protective equipment (PPE) supply challenges that come with a pandemic.

The surgical team is able to make more than 125 masks a day by creating an assembly line to make the manufacturing process as efficient as possible — someone cuts the ties, another cuts the face portion, another fan folds and pins the mask and another sews the edges.

“Being a part of this process means so much to me, said Crystal Pellant, Holy Rosary Healthcare Surgical Manager. “This will offer protection to our dedicated and compassionate front line staff who continue to work during this unpredictable time.”

 The masks are made with a two-ply spun polypropylene surgical wrap that cannot be penetrated by water, bacteria or particles and have a bacterial efficiency rate of 99%. 

“The mask making process is a group effort,” Pellant said. “As a ministry and as a community, we are in this together.”

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