Moving Forward to 2020 - Changing I Should, to I Could, to I Can and I Will

What will 2020 look like for the citizens of southeastern Montana?  Do you think of the weather, crop prices, politics, or perhaps the outlook for a favorite sports team?  What about the 2020 outlook on an individual basis? The Healthy Lifestyles Team at Holy Rosary Healthcare is offering a 3 part series focusing on the ways people can take charge of their health to move forward to a healthy and happy 2020.  We will focus on moving from “I Should” to “I Could” to “I Can and Will”

How often have you heard, “I know I should get in shape, but…” or “I know I should make better food choices, but….”?

The wrong goal often starts with the wrong question.  “What should I be doing that I really don’t want to do?”  A negative thought usually leads to a negative outcome. 
The right questions take more thought, but can yield a goal that is both challenging and fulfilling.  Consider: What brings me joy? What am I grateful for? What do I want 2020 to look and feel like? Are my long term goals important enough to influence my short term decisions? 

Your values are the place to begin.  If the answers to the first two questions include family, friends, health, spiritual growth, or contribution to others, then it becomes clear what matters most.  Those really important things are worth the investment of your time, effort, and energy.  

Creating a vision is next. Ask the question, “On December 31, 2020 what am I going to be seriously glad and proud that I have accomplished?”  This vision should be one that creates enough excitement to draw you toward that goal. As you visualize that accomplishment on next New Year’s Eve create a strong, powerful image of yourself in that moment and use it to guide your choices throughout 2020.

Some of the visions that have prompted Healthy Lifestyles participants over the past 11 years are:   improving lab values, a travel adventure, walking the stairs at work, dancing at a grandchild’s wedding, taking fewer medications, or having the energy to enjoy life.  Each individual’s vision was different but was specific and meaningful enough to them that they were willing to invest their valuable time and energy to make that vision a reality.

“Get in Shape” is a common New Year’s goal.  If your thought is, “I hate exercise but I should do it; so I’ll suffer through workouts” the chances of success are minimal.  How would it look with a positive thought instead? “It is really important to me to feel healthy and be able to play with my grandchildren.”

Is making different choices about the foods something you think you “should” do? Instead, you could picture food as a fuel your body uses to help you reach your goals of a healthy 2020.   In Healthy Lifestyles we help participants find eating patterns that help them reach their goals and that will be different for each individual.

The scientific literature confirms that our lifestyle choices can have a profound effect on our health.  In the next part of this series, Healthy Lifestyles Coach Alta Peila, RD, will share some of the significant ways that we can positively impact our health by saying, “I Could.”  In the final part of the series, Healthy Lifestyles Coach Katie Patch, ATC, will offer some next steps on helping us say, “I Can and I Will.”

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