St. Vincent Healthcare Raising Money for Free Lodging for Cancer Patients

In May 2019, Scott Redmond found out that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. A few months later, his stay at St. Vincent Healthcare’s, Meadowlark House, began. He knew that Billings was a hub for exceptional medical care, so he did not hesitate when he was introduced to the home-like atmosphere that the Meadowlark House offers. 

When Redmond found out that he had been diagnosed with cancer, it was not something that he took lightly. He began extensive research for several months in finding the best treatment possible. A few options that he found were out of state, so he realized that they would not be nearly as convenient and would not be something that he would enjoy.

“I was willing to drive to Billings every day for treatment, but it would have been another huge hurdle in travelling from Belgrade,” said Redmond.

During one of his initial visits at SCL Health Cancer Centers of Montana in Billings, a doctor mentioned that the Meadowlark House would be very convenient for him, as it was within walking distance of the cancer center. Redmond took his opportunity with the Meadowlark House and was one that he is forever grateful for.

“The Meadowlark House added a positive aspect to my situation,” said Redmond. “It was one less thing to worry about and really is a very nice place to stay.”
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