Neuroscience Day at St. Vincent Healthcare

On Thursday, May 24, 2018, St. Vincent hosted 4th grade students from Poly Drive Elementary School for a first-ever “Neuroscience Day.” The interactive and informative day complemented curriculum they are currently learning in school, through Project Lead the Way and a new after-school Neuroscience Club.

St. Vincent Neuroscience Center providers engaged students in three different presentations:
1.A hands-on Neurology Examination
2.Imaging, x-rays and brain damage
3.Helmet safety and parts of the brain

The kids had a great time learning about how our brain controls our body and senses. They especially enjoyed Mr. Bones and the brainy Jello mold!

Students also had the opportunity to tour our newly renovated Pediatric Unit. They learned about the importance of washing hands, germ safety and how our team connects with Primary Children’s via video to help kids in our community.

“Learning about the brain is cool because we learn how to protect it, how the parts of the brain work and how they have to work together. It is important to understand what activities we do can damage our brain. We need to take care of it and grow it,” said one 4th grade student.

Another student added, “I want to study the brain more in depth due to the academic learning in 4th grade.” 

Thank you to the team at the St. Vincent Healthcare Neuroscience Center for making learning fun for these eager students! We recognize the importance of educating our youth and are hopeful for more educational programs in the future.

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