Kids Coalition

St. James Healthcare announced that an organizational meeting of a new group, the Kids Coalition, will be held on March 7, 2016, at 6:00 pm in the Webster-Garfield Center on Front and Montana Streets.  All community partners and providers of children’s and teen’s clubs and activities are encouraged to attend. 

The group is being formed in response to needs identified in the 2014 Butte Silver Bow Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) conducted on behalf of St. James Healthcare in partnership with BSB Health Department and Southwest Montana Community Health Center.

The goal of this group is two-fold: to develop and maintain a quarterly calendar that provides information to the community about children’s activities, organizations, and clubs in Butte and to bring together resources to support the activities.  Cathy Tutty, a member of Silver Bow Kiwanis, who is leading the effort said, “We have needed something like this in Butte for a long time.  We have many activities and clubs for children and teens, and often parents are not aware of these or who to contact for more information.  Our community also has a breadth of resources that could support these folks. We are committed that this approach will begin to remedy these issues.”

As part of the follow on work for the CHNA, an action team made up of community organizations was formed to develop a plan to address needs related to the CHNA area of Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity.  Formation of the Kids Coalition came from that group.

To augment this effort, the group will publish information in the Butte Silver Bow Recreation Guide and ensure that the guide gets to all of the elementary students throughout the county before summer vacation begins. 

One of the group’s organizers, Cathy Maloney, Superintendent of County Schools, is pleased with the progress made so far.  “So often, we hear that children do not participate in some activities and events because their parents did not know about it.  For several years, my office has compiled a Summer Calendar of Activities for parents, but by joining forces, we’ll be able to provide a much more comprehensive calendar that will be beneficial for the entire community,” she said.  

For more information, call Linda at 723-2525.

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