Home sick in your pajamas? See a doctor on your smartphone

We’ve all been there. The scratchy throat. A strange rash. That unexplained ache. Now, getting answers – and relief! – from a board-certified physician immediately is as simple as reaching for your smartphone or tablet.

SCL Health is the first health system in Montana to integrate physician video visits for patients. The new service comes through a partnership between SCL Health and Doctor On Demand, the leading video medicine provider.

“Patients today expect more out of healthcare,” said SCL Health President and CEO Mike Slubowski. “Not only do they want to feel better, but they want the kind of experience and value that they get in so many other areas of their lives. This is one way we are delivering that experience.”

Doctor On Demand offers patients immediate access to a board-certified physician from the comfort of home on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. For just $40, the price of a typical co-pay, a patient can be seen within minutes for any number of common ailments and injuries. If clinically appropriate, Doctor On Demand physicians can send prescriptions electronically to the patient’s local pharmacy.

This new service is designed to complement the established relationship between a primary care physician and his or her patient. Common uses for this innovative new service are for when someone is considering an ER or urgent care center for a non-emergency medical issue; for when a primary care physician is not available such as on weekends, holidays and after business hours; and for when a person is traveling.

"We created Doctor On Demand to provide the most convenient access to high-quality, cost effective healthcare," said Adam Jackson, co-founder and CEO. "We’re thrilled to partner with SCL Health. Together, we can provide continuity of care for more patients in Montana, further improving and expanding the healthcare experience.”

The SCL Doctor On Demand service is one of many ways SCL Health is working to make healthcare easier to access for consumers. Others include MyChart, an online service that enables patients to view lab results, request appointments, and interact with care providers.

Top issues treated by Doctor On Demand include:

  • Cold & Flu Rashes & Skin Issues
  • Bronchitis & Sinus Infection Upset Stomach
  • Pediatric Issues Asthma & Allergies
  • UTIs & Yeast Infections Sports Injuries
  • Eye Issues

To access the service or learn more, consumers can simply download the Doctor On Demand app from the Apple Store or Google Play, or visit http://sclhealth.org/doctorondemand.

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