Mount Saint Vincent has cared for and partnered with children and families since 1883. From our origin as a children’s orphanage, through the transition to residential and day treatment services, Mount Saint Vincent remains committed to community involvement and providing assistance to those who have been impacted by adverse experiences.


In recent years, Mount Saint Vincent has expanded our outreach by building on our continuum of care, aiming to support the lives of children outside of our campus, expanding to include foster care and in-home services offered to children and families.

As we continue to build awareness surrounding the widespread impacts of early trauma, the addition of our training programs expands our ability to work within communities to help children and families begin to heal.

Our training offers a hands-on approach to meet the needs of those we serve, such as: caregivers, caseworkers, and educators. Our approach allows the audience to interact and practice the application of material in real-time. Our team of specialists has access to a network of experts and resources to create, adapt, and co-facilitate each training experience to match the unique requests of each organization.