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Recovery Nurse Advocate Program

Recovery program for pregnant women

The Recovery Nurse Advocate program provides home visitation care by a Registered Nurse (RN) for mothers with substance abuse during pregnancy and for one year post-partum. Below are some of the ways the RN can assist you in your journey if you are pregnant and struggling with substance abuse or have a history of substance abuse.

  • Healthcare and insurance coverage
  • Substance abuse and mental health treatment
  • Transportation (to counseling and doctor's visits)
  • Nutritional needs (WIC, SNAP)
  • Stable housing
  • Childcare (if wanting to return to school or work)
  • Education about your baby throughout pregnancy
  • Education about the labor process and breastfeeding
  • Education about child development during the post-partum period
  • Support group once a week at Lutheran
  • Circle of Parents Support Group
  • Baby and Me Tobacco Free program
  • Doula support*

This is a free service to our patients. The RN will come to your home (the number of visits depends on the amount of education and support you need). She is available to meet you at doctor's visits as well as to ensure you are getting all of your questions answered and to make sure your needs are met. You are also welcome to visit the RN office or call her with any questions that may arise.

*A doula is a non-medically trained birth coach. Doulas provide additional education about your body during pregnancy, the labor process, and answer post-partum questions. They are also available to attend your delivery. Doulas are trained to help you cope with the discomforts of labor and understand the process. They act as a support person to you and your family and stay with you providing one-on-one care until after you deliver.


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