Paying for Your Visit

We give you the very best customer service and the resources you need to understand your ER bill and how to pay it.

Your ER bill

When you need to go to an ER*, you don’t want to worry about the bill. Here’s what you can expect:

  • We may collect some payment up front, depending on the nature of your visit and your insurance plan.
  • You’ll be billed later for the remainder of what you owe. That bill should reflect payments from your insurance company.
  • You may receive bills from several different organizations because most ER visits involve tests and treatment from a team of providers. For example, an ER doctor, a radiologist who interprets imaging tests and a pharmacist may all contribute to your care.

Medical bills are sometimes hard to understand. If you have questions about your bill, we’ll help you navigate the process and get you answers.

Learn about paying your bill.

*Patients in need of emergency care will never be denied treatment or care if they do not have insurance or are unable to pay.

Tips for paying emergency room bills

We recognize how difficult it can be to pay medical bills following an emergency, surgery or other medical treatment. Here are a few options if you need some additional time or help paying for your care.

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