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We are proud to be the only cancer center in our region to offer treatment with the CyberKnife Radiosurgery System.  

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The CyberKnife System

CyberKnife is a type of robotic radiosurgery used to treat your cancer. The system delivers radiation through a linear accelerator (or Linac) to targeted areas. Our CyberKnife has a flexible arm, allowing it to deliver treatment anywhere in the body. These areas can include the brain, head and neck, spine, lung, prostate, liver, pancreas, breast and other soft tissues.

Benefits of CyberKnife

The CyberKnife System offers many patient benefits and individualized treatments. These benefits include adjusting for movement, targeted / accurate treatments and shorter treatment duration.

Real-time image guidance for accuracy

A large benefit of the CyberKnife is the imaging software used. We are able to adjust the beams to account for your movement, so the treatment is very accurate. This functionality eliminates the need for restraints or limited breathing during treatment. By delivering more accurate radiation to the tumor, we avoid surrounding healthy tissue. This reduces the side effects most often seen with conventional radiation therapy treatments.

Shorter treatment times

Additionally, when your treatment is with CyberKnife, we can reduce you treatment time. Many patients complete treatment in one to five days instead of weeks.

Non-Surgical Options

CyberKnife offers certain diagnoses a pain-free, non-surgical treatment. If your diagnosis is an inoperable or surgically complex tumor, you may chose this treatment. You can also select CyberKnife if you want an alternative to surgery.

A Team Approach

Our Radiation Oncologists design and deliver customized CyberKnife treatments to your tumors. We know outcomes increase when physicians work together on care plans and treatments. That's why we designed our program around an approach of teamwork. We work together with neurosurgeons, general surgeons and urologists to create treatments specific to your tumor(s). We believe this will result in the best possible outcome.

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