St. Vincent Healthcare

Nursing Philosophy and Professional Practice Model


Theoretical Framework 

The Nursing Professional Practice Model is designed to reflect the nursing journey, in alignment with St. Vincent Healthcare’s nursing philosophy, the mission and values of the organization and the role of Professional Governance.


The journey is reflective of “navigation by nursing.” The path nursing is on is guided by the nursing philosophy in combination with the mission of the organization. The canoe is representative of the partnership nursing has with ancillary departments, leaders, physicians, patients and their families. Along the journey, Professional Governance influences decision making, professional growth and the care the patient receives. 


The values of the organization are present along the way and help guide nursing practice at St. Vincent Healthcare.  These values consist of:


Caring Spirit


Good Humor




Providing the sunlight for the journey is our overarching goal of “caring for the mind, body and spirit of our community; especially those who are poor and vulnerable.”


Advocacy in Caring

St. Vincent Healthcare is a faith based organization; as such we support and foster God's healing love by improving the health of the community and people we service. In a collaborative multidisciplinary effort we strive for nursing excellence one patience at a time. 


Nursing practice safe, quality patient care by partnering with patients and families to promote healing and accountability. Nurses utilize research, education ad supporting associates in proving key nursing processes. 

Nursing Practice

Nursing practice places the registered nurse as the leader, advocate, director, and facilitator of patient care. Collaborative nursing practice drives the plan of care for our patients. We believe that nurses are leaders in the care of their patients and have insight, act with intention, remove barriers to quality care, and consistently make patients, facilities, and staff their highest priority. The role nurses play is integral to St. Vincent Healthcare present strength as well as its future success. 

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