3 Fortin

Campaign Update: 3 Fortin - Medical Surgical Center of Excellence

We are excited and thankful for the great progress on the 3 Fortin remodeling project. In Phase I of construction, 11 patient rooms underwent construction. This renovation includes a new bariatric room, a modernization to our existing private waiting room, a new combined unit clerk and clinical supervisor office area, and newly designed patient shower rooms and nurses' station.

On the east end of the unit are four negative pressure isolation rooms that keep air from flowing out of the isolation rooms and into adjacent rooms or areas.

Phase I was completed during the week of February 22 and patients were able to utilize this new space as of February 26. The beautiful new area includes computers in all patient rooms and a clean, healthy environment that is a blessing to both our patients and staff. The decentralization of our nurses' stations allows our nurses to get closer to patient rooms, which in turn, helps improve response time to patient needs. In addition to response time, the decentralized nurses' stations contribute to a quieter and more therapeutic environment. The new area also includes the updated nurse call system. We look forward to completing the second phase of the project in October of this year, and sharing photos of the completed unit.

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