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SAINTS Benefit

We are excited to announce that 2020 SAINTS will benefit the Nelles Nurse Scholarship Program! The Nelles Nurse Program was created in 2002 to support our medical community, ensuring that we maintain the highest healthcare standards and retain outstanding nurses and medical professionals in Montana. The Nelles Nurse Program provides scholarships to student nurses and financial support to medical professionals at St. Vincent Healthcare looking to advance their medical skills and knowledge.

Now more than ever, St. Vincent Healthcare understands that our human capital is our most valuable asset and we are committed to acquire and retain talented and experienced medical professionals. The St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation has historically relied on the SAINTS Ball as our foremost fundraising event of the year. Funds raised through SAINTS are critical in the delivery of exceptional healthcare to the communities in which we serve. St. Vincent Healthcare's commitment to keep the health and safety of our associates, patients, and community remains our top priority. This year, our SAINTS campaign will culminate by celebrating the great care that our associates provide with an all day media event on Thursday, October 8, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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