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Benefiting the healing ministry of St. Vincent Healthcare

About Us

250x185SVHFoundationThe Mission of the St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation is to help people help themselves and those around them lead healthy, productive and satisfying lives.

By soliciting contributions for St. Vincent Healthcare, the Foundation effectively carries out its mission to reveal and foster God's healing love by improving the health of the people and communities it serves, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.

The Foundation takes inspiration from the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, the founders of St. Vincent Healthcare. The Foundation is committed to:

  • Identifying opportunities to improve healthcare and communicating those opportunities to those who are able to respond.
  • Sharing a special concern for those who lack healthcare and for those who are poor.
  • Supporting basic healthcare programs for the well-being of community members of all ages.
  • Helping build vibrant communities known for healthy living opportunities.
  • Advancing and supporting medical practice, research, and outreach.
  • Rewarding outstanding employees and associates by expanding their professional leadership and policy influence.
  • Encouraging talented people to become healthcare professionals.
  • Stimulating creativity and productivity among healthcare leaders.
  • Fostering the involvement of the broad community in the ministry of Saint Vincent Healthcare.

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