Pregnancy and Baby at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Pregnancy can be an exciting—and anxious—nine months. You may wonder, “Am I doing everything I can to prepare for this baby?”

From routine prenatal care to high-risk pregnancies

Chances are you’re doing everything you can to keep you and your little one healthy. Although, most pregnancies and birth experiences go smoothly, if complications come up, our medical team and neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) are equipped to handle even the littlest of patients.

We are delighted to share in the special time of your life.  We have all you need to help you become prepared for what most describe as their biggest challenge and reward.

Preparing for pregnancy

When you decide you’re ready to start a family, give your body—and your future baby—a healthy advantage. We will give you a check-up, share tips for preparing for pregnancy and talk to you about potential risk factors.

See the preconception checklist.

During pregnancy

If you’re unsure about what to expect during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or when you bring baby home, sign up for one of our childbirth or parenting classes and learn about common tests and procedures.

Learn more about our pregnancy and baby classes.

Labor and delivery

It’s time to meet your baby! Before you get to the hospital, complete the online pre-registration, and we’ll fast-track your check-in. Do you want an epidural? What about using a birthing ball or soaking tub to ease your labor pain? You have those options here. 

After your baby is born

When you choose SCL Health, you get hospitals that have Baby-Friendly designations or follow Baby-Friendly practices. This means when your little one arrives, we’ll encourage you to bond skin-to-skin, breastfeed and keep your baby with you in the room. Once you’re home, you’ll have access to lactation consultants if you run into any breastfeeding challenges.

Read about care after delivery.

Get the St. Mary's Women & Children's Childbirth app on your device

If you’re pregnant, you’re bound to have a million questions and concerns. Our app gives you the guidance you’ll need during pregnancy, delivery and life at home with your little one. Videos, articles and tools teach you how to take care of yourself, your growing baby and adjusting to parenthood. Plus, you can track prenatal and pediatrician appointments, time labor contractions, feedings and more.

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Get the right care at the right time

“Boy or girl?”

If you’re like us, “It doesn’t matter as long as it’s healthy.” Even if problems arise over the course of your pregnancy, you can count on St. Mary’s Medical Center to give you and your baby the care you both need.

Explore our services and treatments

Take a tour

Our labor and delivery unit and NICU are on the sixth floor. We have 12 labor rooms with jetted tubs, and operating rooms for cesarean sections are mere steps away if necessary. The NICU has 24 large rooms that are family-focused so you can have some privacy and bond with your baby. To schedule a Tour/preregistration appointment please call 970.298.BABY 


What if I need urgent or emergency OB-GYN care?

When something doesn’t feel right, or your own doctor or midwife is unavailable or delayed in getting to the hospital, you can come to the OB-GYN emergency department on our labor and delivery floor. This is a much quicker and smoother alternative to going through our general ER. An OB-GYN hospitalist is here 24/7 to treat any unanticipated problem or even deliver your baby, if necessary.

What if I need emergency transportation?

If you live in a rural area and need to get to the hospital right away, we can provide ground or air transport through CareFlight. In addition to flight staff, a labor and delivery nurse will be on board to assess your condition, stabilize you, if necessary, and travel with you to the hospital.

If your baby needs advanced cardiac care or a high-level medical subspecialty that isn’t offered locally, we have a special newborn team with a neonatal nurse practitioner and nurse who can provide Level III NICU care during the transfer to Denver.

What care is available if my baby is sick or premature?

Babies come when babies come. If your little one arrives as early as 23 weeks or needs advanced medical care after birth, we offer a NICU with a full spectrum of neonatology services close to home including:

  • Digestive care
  • Lung care
  • Heart care
  • Hormonal care
  • Surgery

Can my baby stay with me?

If you’re a healthy mom with a healthy infant, you’ll be able to take part in couplet care. Couplet care is a more family-oriented style of care where new moms and their babies room together and are cared for as a family unit by the same nurse. Because of this, you’ll have more one-on-one education, continuous communication and opportunities to gain confidence as you get to know your newborn. As always, our well-baby nursery is close at hand when needed.

What support is available after we go home?

Taking a new baby home can be overwhelming at times—even for experienced parents. If you have questions or concerns after you leave the hospital, our mom and baby nurses provide Supporting Parents and Newborns (SPAN) appointments. These appointments are outpatient visits where your baby can be weighed and checked for jaundice, feeding problems or any other issues.

Before you go home, a nurse can schedule a SPAN appointment for you and your baby two to four days after discharge.

Breastfeeding support

Once you go home from the hospital, you’re not alone.

If you run into any challenges or difficulties while breastfeeding, you can come back to our Center for Infant Feeding and meet with a lactation consultant at no cost. The Center offers information about going back to work, breast pumps and pumping and weaning. You can also attend a weekly parenting support group to get baby tips and tricks.

Call 970-298-1993 for support.

Breast milk donation

If your baby needs a little extra sustenance or you produce more breast milk than your baby needs, we’re a drop-off site for the Mother’s Milk Bank.

Donate or receive breast milk.

Price estimates

To help you make decisions about your healthcare, we compiled a list of estimated charges, including what it costs to have a baby at our hospital.

See pricing information.

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