St Mary's Medical Center

Pediatric Hospital and Critical Care

When your child needs to stay overnight in the hospital, we are dedicated to providing a comfortable environment for your child to heal and for you to stay close to them.

Pediatric unit

Your care experience is our priority. Private pediatric rooms are available for your child, and rooms are secure at all times. Our team of specialized doctors, nurses and other staff members care for your child with sensitivity and skill.

Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)

Highly trained professionals provide around-the-clock care in this special unit of the hospital for babies born prematurely or with medical complications. Our NICU teams have been caring for the tiniest patients for nearly 50 years.

Our hospitals are designated as Level III NICUs. This means you have access to comprehensive sub-specialty care and continuous life support, including care for the highest-risk newborns and those with complex and critical illness like respiratory distress, infections, birth defects and special developmental needs.

Learn more about the NICU.

Learn more about the care of babies in the NICU

Learn what to expect when your child is in the hospital.

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