Patient Guide to Spine Surgery and Recovery

This guide will educate you about what to expect when preparing for spine surgery and follow-up care. The videos below will step you through the journey.

Preparing for Spine Surgery

This video will guide you and your family in preparing for spine surgery - from taking care of your health to identifying a coach for support in this process.

Prepping Your Home and Picking a Coach

Learn about the preparation needed to make your home a safe post surgery environment. Also choose a designated friend or family will act as your coach. They will help you prepare and stay with you the first few days after surgery.


Managing Your Pain

How you manage your pain level is important. Learn pain management tips, and remember to give your body time to heal after surgery.

Exercises Prior to Surgery

Prior to your surgery, it's important to do a series of exercises to strengthen your muscles which will aid in your recovery.

What to Expect on Your Day of Surgery

Preparing for your spine surgery starts soon after scheduling.

Discharge and Follow-up

In order to be discharged several criteria must be met to ensure the best possible chance of recovery at home.

Occupational Therapy and Activities of Daily Living

Your occupational therapist will help you in this important part of your healing process. They will go over how to perform your necessary daily activity while maintaining good safety and adhering to your back precautions.

Exercises Post Surgery

Physical Therapy is a critical part of your spine recovery journey. Therapy will start on the day of surgery as soon as you are able to participate.

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