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Our Interventional Radiology Team

Our interventional radiologists work closely with doctors from many other specialties to give you a coordinated diagnosis and treatment plan. For example, we work with cardiologists to help you avoid or recover from a heart attack and oncologists to fight cancer while protecting healthy cells. We team up with OBGYNs to remove uterine growths and maintain fertility and urologists to safely ease pain from enlarged veins.

Our interventional radiology team is made up of individuals who sub-specialize in interventional radiology. All of our doctors completed an accredited residency program followed by a fellowship-training program focused specifically on interventional radiology.

Stacy L Greenspan, DO

Specialties: Radiology, Radiology Neuro
Primary Location:
Diversified Radiology of Colorado PC
1746 Cole Blvd # 150
Lakewood, CO 80325
Primary Location:
Virtual Radiologic Professionals LLC
11995 Singletree Ln Ste 500
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-5349

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