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Nursing at St. Mary’s Medical Center is exemplified in our Professional Practice Model, which is founded on concepts drawn from multiple theories and frameworks: Theory of Human Caring (Jean Watson), Self Care (Dorothea Orem), Novice to Expert Theory (Patricia Benner), and Goal Attainment Theory (Imogene King). The graphic combines our central aspect of care: patient, family and community enveloped in the heart of caring at St. Mary’s.

Our professional practice model serves as a visual reminder of the various components of exceptional patient care. Our patient-centered approach fuels our commitment to our nursing values. The model also reflects our gorgeous community setting drawing associates from all over the country to our healthy lifestyle and community.

Nurses own their nursing practice and engage in efforts for continuous improvement and advocate for best practices. Integrated into all aspects of care at St. Mary’s, nurses impact safety, quality and financial outcomes. Leaders review ongoing nursing-sensitive indicators with associates to ensure a connection to patient outcomes and national benchmarks.

Learn more about our Professional Practice Model.

Nursing Annual Report

For full details about the contributions of professional nursing at St. Mary’s Medical Center, including a message from our CNO, nurse recognition, and other success stories, view our latest Annual Nursing Report.

Professional Development

Clinical Ladder program

We all know there are levels of nursing expertise, and SCL Health's nursing leaders are working to recognize, encourage and reward our registered nurses who grow in expertise and leadership as they make a difference at the bedside. A group of direct care nurses from all care sites gathered virtually in the spirit of Nursing Professional Governance, and developed the SCL Health Clinical Ladder for the Professional Nurse.

The Clinical Ladder is based on Patricia Benner's Novice-to-Expert work and acknowledges excellence in clinical practice. It also promotes growth in professionalism, nursing engagement, increased retention and recruiting, and clinical leadership in the department and institution, as well as on regional and/or national levels. Nurses can self-select the level and award they wish to attain, and move up the ladder.

500x487ProfessionalGovernanceSMGJNursingProfessional Governance

As professionals, nurses have social accountability to make society better. The Professional Governance model creates a framework to support nursing accountability and clinical decision-making. We want the nurses who care for our patients to feel empowered to speak up and committed to provide the most evidence-based care. Our aim is to positively advance nursing practice and raise the potential for nurses to more fully improve the health of the individuals and communities we serve.

Continuing Education

Nursing leaders at St. Mary’s Hospital are committed to the professional development and advancement of our nursing associates. From new graduates to seasoned professionals, our nurses are encouraged to enhance their knowledge, skills, and job effectiveness through continuing education. We are proud to offer a variety of educational opportunities, hosting live trainings and professional workshops, as well as computer-based, independent learning systems. We offer support for our nurses to develop into leadership and management roles as their skills and experiences grow.

Continuing Nursing Education (CNE)

Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) St. Mary’s Hospital is an approved provider of continuing nursing education (CNE) contact hours. In providing education according to the CNE guidelines, we validate that the information presented is current, evidence-based, and without bias from commercial interest organizations. Last year we offered 92 classes with a variety of topics that resulted in offering 221 nursing contact hours. Classes focus on general nursing education, nursing professional development, and other topics specific to the nursing specialty areas: oncology, cardiology, critical care, trauma, pediatrics, neonatology, obstetrics, neurology and more.

Tuition Reimbursement

St. Mary’s Hospital offers tuition reimbursement for qualifying part-time and full-time associates seeking advanced academic degrees.

Nursing Programs

Learn more about our Nurse Residency Program, and Student Nurse Information.

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