St Mary's Medical Center

First Call Transfer Center

St. Mary's First Call transfer center isn’t a place or location but a set of procedures and communication process to prepare for patients being transferred from another hospital or admitted unexpectedly by their doctor. It gets things rolling before the patient arrives—alerting appropriate personnel, locating a bed, starting the patient’s documentation.

Patients enter St. Mary’s in a variety of ways. People with life-threatening illnesses or injuries are treated in the emergency department. Patients having a scheduled surgery or procedure have a specific appointment.  And patients who need hospital care quickly are admitted on short notice by their doctor or are transferred from another facility. Our First Call transfer center makes their transition into St. Mary’s as smooth as possible.

Admit your patient to St. Mary's Medical Center: 970-298-1920
Direct Admit form (click to download a pdf file)

Transfer your patient to St. Mary's Medical Center: 1-855-254-1078
Transferring Your Patient envelope sample

If you have any questions about St. Mary’s First Call and the direct admit process, or need to request forms and envelopes, please contact Kathy Shoemaker at 970-298-9036 or Carol Calacino at 970-298-1941.

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