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Over the past several months we have seen our world upended with the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet in this uncertain time, St. Mary’s Medical Center has been working tirelessly to make sure we are available for every person who might need us in this crisis. From treating COVID-19 patients, to caring for heart and stroke patients, to sharing in the joy of a newborn infant, St. Mary’s Medical Center has never wavered from our mission to improve the health of the people and communities we serve.

We are asking our community to join us in showing support to our healthcare heroes while raising vital funds for St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Funds raised will benefit the St. Mary’s Fund, an important catalyst in the Hospital’s never-ending pursuit of healthcare excellence and ensures that the Hospital is able to meet the community’s healthcare needs. This fund supports a variety of critical projects and programs such as cancer and palliative care, education, stroke and heart care and a variety of other vital services.

The future for the patients who rely on St. Mary’s Medical center is bright, but we continue to need community support, now more than ever, to continue to provide the very best healthcare.

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