St. Mary's Medical Center Family Medicine Residency

Behavioral Health

Integrated care team at St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency


Top Left: Zenova Williams, MS (Ph.D. candidate) Medical Family Therapy Fellow, Randall Reitz, Ph.D., Behavioral Faculty, Amy Gallagher, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist (Director of Integrated Care at Whole Health, LLC), Tonya Cook, PharmD, Pharmacologist/Faculty, Amy Davis, M.D., Faculty in the Collaborative Care Clinic, Mike Olson, Ph.D., Behavioral Faculty, and Ryan Jackman, M.D., Faculty (addictions medicine). Bottom Left: Alicia Gutierrez, Behavioral Health Provider, Audrie Morse, CMU social work student intern, and Glenda Mutinda, MA (Ph.D. candidate) – Medical Family Therapy Fellow.


Students often choose family medicine as a residency based on their values and interest in providing cradle-to-grave, whole-person, and family oriented care. Our residency curriculum aligns with these core values and is reflected in our mission statement.

We know that major determinants of health in the US currently involve behavioral, relational, and lifestyle factors. Consequently, family medicine residency programs across the country are increasingly focusing attention on the development of competencies and skills related to caring for the whole patient –facilitating relationship and individual changes that lead to better overall health outcomes.

Training residents to meet the complex challenges presented by patients in primary care, including mood/anxiety disorders, addiction to substances/alcohol, and relational problems is a central focus of our curriculum. Our team includes two full-time behavioral medicine faculty, physician faculty trained in addiction medicine, pharmacy faculty, as well as doctoral level fellows in medical family therapy. Additionally, we have a team of other therapists, social workers, case managers, etc. that provide support to residents in our clinic.

All residents are exposed to a longitudinal curriculum, developing and refining skills and competencies over the three years through structured workshops, seminars, rotations, and didactic lectures (please see link for full description and detail of the curriculum by year). Throughout residency, trainees will be observed (directly through digital video capture), coached, and supported by our faculty to develop necessary skills for future practice of family medicine.

Randall Reitz

Randall Reitz Ph.D. 

Dr. Reitz is a licensed MFT and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Prior joining the St. Mary's faculty he was the executive director of the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association, the CEO of Summit Community Care Clinic. Dr. Reitz completed his doctoral studies at Brigham Young University under Dr. Wendy Watson.


Michael OlsonMichael Olson, Ph.D. 

Dr. Olson is a licensed MFT and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. He has taught MedFTs and family physicians since 2001. He completed his dotoral studies at Kansas State University and a behavioral medicine post-doc at University of Texas Medical Branch.