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St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency Clinic


We are dedicated to educating thriving and engaged health professionals while serving our communities through high-value, whole-person care.

Family Medicine

Family Medicine Physicians provide care for all people of all ages and health conditions. This includes treating newborns, children, pregnant women and adults.

The American Academy of Family Practice states: 

Family medicine encompasses all ages, sexes, each organ system, and every disease entity. Family physicians also pay special attention to their patients’ lives within the context of family and the community. While there are similarities between family medicine and the other primary care specialties, family physicians have an unprecedented opportunity to have an impact on the health of an individual patient over that person’s entire lifetime.

Our Providers also provide care for our patients who are in St. Mary’s hospital. This allows the transition from the hospital from home to follow-up care smoother.

Healthcare for your whole family


Newborns to teens can receive care from family medicine doctors, who provide annual and sports physicals, well-child visits and more specialized care. Some of our clinics employ doctors who specialize in pediatric medicine.

Pregnancy/Women’s Health

OB/GYNs are doctors who care for women when they are pregnant, need well-woman checkups or have a concern with their reproductive system.  Family Doctors are also training to do all of that so we provide pregnancy, well woman and gynecologic care right here in our clinic including pap smears and colposcopy.

Integrated Behavioral Health 

At St. Mary’s Family Medicine we have providers practicing integrated behavioral health care recognize that both medical and behavioral health factors are important parts of a person’s overall health. Medical and behavioral health clinicians work together as a team to address a patient’s concerns. Care is delivered by these integrated teams in the primary care setting unless patients request or require specialty services. The advantage is better coordination and communication, while working toward one set of overall health goals.

Group Appointments: 

At our clinic, we offer many group appointments which allows you to connect with others while focusing on your health. 

Healthy Habits: Healthy Habits is our current group for patients of St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency who are interested in healthy living. The purpose of this group is to provide support and education about incorporating healthy eating and activity or movement into their Group meets weekly for two hours. During that time, group members have a brief medical check-in with a physician, participate in a seated exercise class and take part in the preparation of a healthy meal for the group to enjoy. The group is run by the clinic's medical family therapy daily routines.  intern and exercise intern. If you are interested in learning more information or getting involved, ask your primary care provider for a referral!

Centering: At St. Mary’s Family Medicine, we are the only clinic in the community which is accredited for Centering Healthcare! We offer two Centering group visits:

  • Centering Pregnancy groups combine individual prenatal care with additional time and attention in a group setting.  Patients receive an individual pregnancy visit with their physician, but then move into a group discussion where they learn more about common pregnancy issues, have extra time to ask questions, and prepare to take care of their newborn baby.  Studies have shown that women who participate in Centering Pregnancy groups have lower rates of preterm labor, pre-eclampsia, and other pregnancy problems, so it's better care in a fun and welcoming setting.  
  • Centering Parenting is a group visit which begins with individual well-child health assessments, and then moves into a group setting for discussion, immunizations, and developmental screenings. Centering Parenting brings parents, partners, support people and their same-age infants together with their healthcare providers and other parents in the community to share their similar experiences around raising their children. 


At St. Mary’s Family Medicine, we offer virtual visits which allow you to connect with provider at the comfort of your own home. 

Same Day/After Hours Care: 

We reserve many appointments for same-day and urgent care. If you have an urgent problem, or need to see your doctor for any reason, please call the clinic. In most cases, you can be seen the same day. 

We’re now open later so you can schedule your check-up after work or school. As us about our Wednesday evening appointments. 

Even when the office is closed, a doctor is on call to answer your urgent questions. Call 970-298-2800 to have the on-call doctor paged. 


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