Cancer Provider and Patient

Cancer Care Patient Stories

Let the people we’ve helped inspire you with stories of strength, healing and hope. Across our healthcare system, we've helped thousands. These are just a few. Know that wherever you are located, we have the expertise to help you.

People helping people

Pam's story

Pam Russell was diagnosed with breast cancer the day she closed on her dream home. She didn't just receive personalized care from her doctors and nurses.

She received the critical emotional support she needed to truly heal.

Buddy's story

When a sore throat turned out to be cancer, Buddy feared his life would never be the same. But a dedicated team of oncologists, nurses and therapists at St. Mary's Medical Center helped him beat cancer.

And he discovered a new life as an internationally recognized winemaker.

Artie's story

When Artie discovered she had Stage 2 breast cancer, what scared her most was the possibility that she might not be around for all the moments yet to come. That’s why Artie chose an SCL Health hospital that truly understands just how important it is to deliver cancer treatment in a way that inspires hope.

Tiana's story

At 21, Tiana was loving life as a college student when she found out she had a tumor on her spine. After a complex surgery and an extremely difficult recovery, the tumor was gone.

Thirteen years later, Tiana discovered the tumor had grown back.

Her dedicated team of doctors recommended CyberKnife, the region’s most advanced treatment.

Steven's story

Steven and his doctors built an aggressive cancer treatment plan that also incorporated his Native-American beliefs and values.

Teri's story

The morning Teri went to the ER with a side ache, she was focused on her career, not cancer. A Stage IV colorectal cancer diagnosis changed all that.

By combining the latest treatments and technologies with emotional and spiritual support, Teri’s cancer care team gave her a second chance at life.

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