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Charity is certainly greater than any rule. Moreover, all rules must lead to charity. – St. Vincent de Paul

Community Benefit and Community Health Improvement

Inspired by our faith, SCL Health addresses the most serious health-related needs of those who are poor and vulnerable. In 2017, SCL Health contributed more than $259 million in community benefit and touched more than 295,898 lives. How? By working together with providers, employees, partners and members of the community to break down barriers and enhance access to care, greatly improving the overall health of the communities we serve.

*Lives touched summarizes the number of people reached through all Community Benefit activities – health services, education, research, screenings, etc.

In 2017, St. James partnered with the Butte Silver Bow County Health Department to assess the health status of the Butte community. View the complete 2017 Community Health Needs Assessment.

We have completed the 2018 Community Health Improvement Plan and work on the identified items in that plan will continue through 2020.  View the complete 2018 Community Health Improvement Plan.

View our previous 2014 Community Health Needs Assessment for Butte community. This assessment was developed as a partnership between St. James Healthcare, the Butte Silver Bow County Health Department and Southwest Montana Community Health Center.

For additional information, contact Linda, Director of Communications and Marketing at (406) 723-2525 or

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