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We specialize in making a high-risk situation less stressful for you, your baby and your family.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Referrals & Perinatal Services

Typically, a mother-to-be will be referred to Saint Joseph Hospital's maternal-fetal medicine program for consultations based on the specific circumstances of their pregnancy. We provide a comprehensive range of both outpatient and inpatient consultation services, including:

  • Care for maternal medical complications
  • Fetal abnormalities or anomalies
  • Ultrasound services
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Genetic and preconception counseling
  • Prenatal screening testing

Patients are frequently referred to us during their pregnancy when complications develop, such as pre-term labor, poor fetal growth, fetal abnormality, or high blood pressure. We also offer diagnostic procedures such as chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis, and others as needed if problems develop during your pregnancy. We will co-manage your pregnancy with your current OB provider if a medical complication should develop such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease or if you have a previous pregnancy complication such as multiple miscarriages, preterm deliveries, or infertility.

Download a helpful guide to prenatal screening tests.

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Maternal Genetic Counseling

Preconception and prenatal counseling is available to help you understand your options, including whether to proceed with prenatal screening and testing. Maternal and paternal risk factors are assessed to determine if either parent could be a carrier of a genetic disorder. This includes a review of family history and factors such as ethnicity that can indicate risk for certain birth defects or diseases. In addition, counseling is available for patients who received abnormal results.

To Learn More

You can reach maternal-fetal medicine care professionals at Saint Joseph Hospital at 303-318-2610.

If you are a Kaiser Permanente patient, please call 303-861-3570 for more information about perinatology services available to you.

Saint Joseph Hospital provides a comprehensive range of both outpatient and inpatient services related to high-risk pregnancy. Additionally, our team will co-manage a woman's pregnancy with her OB provider if a medical complication should develop, such as hypertension, diabetes, preterm labor or if there are complications that develop with the baby.

Some of the outpatient services provided include:

  • Office visits and consultations
  • Ultrasound
  • Diagnostic procedures such as an amnio or CVS, genetic and preconception counseling and prenatal screening testing
  • Preconception and prenatal counseling

Our team not only works with OB providers, but other specialists as well including as cardiologists and endocrinologists. Our goal is to work together with providers and families for the health and well-being of our mothers and babies.

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