350x233MirandaKingSJHBirthOfferingsTestimonialEven during a hectic time in the world (hello pandemic!), we felt like everyone at Saint Joe's was working hard to make things as normal as possible for us. Despite the chance for some issues during birth, the L&D nurses and doctors worked with us to honor as many of our requests as they could. Our postpartum nurses and lactation consultants were all friendly, helpful and attentive - always making sure I had diapers full of ice, pads and pain killers to help with my pain after giving birth! :)

The L&D nurse we had during most of my labor even came and saw us the next day and brought us a hand-crocheted hat for our new baby girl. And the lady who delivered our dinner while I was laboring came back the next day to meet our little one. All in all, it was a great experience!

-Miranda King delivered daughter, Ada in 2020

ShebaKarimFamilySJHBeing able to choose a Baby-Friendly Hospital was very important to me, and among the most important criteria that I used when making the decision where I wanted to give birth to our twins last May 2019. My first encounter with lactation support at Saint Joe's was during the "Breastfeeding Multiples Successfully" course that I took a few weeks before their birth. It was incredibly helpful to make connections with the staff and be able to ask questions and receive recommendations before the birth.

Once the babies arrived, my experience with the lactation support staff continued to be positive, empowering, hands-on and informative. I was shown how to initiate breastfeeding within an hour of the twins arrival, encouraged to do skin-to-skin and breastfeed on demand, and supported while I got the hang of it all. In looking back at the hospital experience - especially as a mother of multiples - I am most grateful that our babies were not separated from us for a single minute. Even in the crucial and defining moments of our early breastfeeding journey, like when I would pump and only drops would come out, I was encouraged to keep going and shown the way by folks who were knowledgeable and informed. Most importantly, all the staff treated me like a human being: they made me feel heard and understood throughout all the interactions we had. Another great benefit of being able to give birth in a Baby-Friendly Hospital was the availability of donor breast milk, which received donor milk while I was in the hospital and was able to purchase with some to take home when I was discharged. I also rented a hospital grade breast pump from the hospital, which was incredibly helpful in helping me to establish my milk supply.

In the first three months, I met with lactation support staff one-on-one twice for specific issues and attended the breastfeeding support groups to know how much breastmilk the babies were transferring. Overall, I had an incredibly positive experience with breastfeeding support at Saint Joe's. They played a critical role in helping me build the foundation of breastfeeding my twins, who are still nursing at 15 months.

-Sheba McCants delivered twins in 2019