Saint Joseph Hospital

About Our Residents

Our Residents

A large part of what makes the Graduate Medical Education program so outstanding is the residents in each of our programs. Our residents have a positive attitude, work well as a team, and support each other both in and out of the hospital.

Life Outside the Hospital

The faculty strongly encourages and supports life outside of medicine. Opportunities include: a yearly retreat, monthly "intern only" meetings to discuss life as a first year resident, journal club, Christmas party, availability to join an athletic club located on the campus and other activities are scheduled among the residents independent of the residency.

After Your Residency

Graduates from each of the residency programs have a multitude of options following their training experience here at Saint Joseph Hospital. Residents frequently stay in the Denver area, but also relocate around the state of Colorado and across the United States. The residency faculty advises residents through our mentoring program to choose and succeed in a practice that fits them personally.

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