Saint Joseph Hospital

Nursing Philosophy and Professional Practice Model




Caring is the essence of nursing.  Patients and families are our focus at Saint Joseph Hospital.  Caring is critical in maintaining health, promoting healing, adapting to stressful experiences, and supporting a dignified death.  We believe self-determination is a fundamental human right.


Quality is the integration of clinical excellence and the art of caring. Quality nursing care is every patient’s right and every team member’s responsibility. We believe that quality nursing care utilizes technology, research and education to strengthen clinical practice. Collaboration promotes teamwork, builds relationships, and results in better patient outcomes. Effective health care teams work as a group utilizing the individual knowledge, skills, and talents of each member to reach the highest level of quality in patient care.


As nurses, we strive to practice with 200% accountability for our clinical actions and interactions with our colleagues and patients. As leaders in a high reliability organization, nurses, as the clinicians closest to the patient, drive accountability for patient experience, outcomes and safety. Nurses are also accountable for their own professional growth and governance, advocacy for the nursing profession and fostering the development of all nurses and our interdisciplinary teams.

The Saint Joseph Hospital Professional Practice Model is based on the following Theoretical Framework:

Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Adaption Theory, which focuses on nurses’ role in creating an environment where healing and wholeness can occur. Nightingale also emphasizes nurses’ leadership role, accountability and collaboration.

Jean Watson’s Caring Theory, which highlights the need for caring relationships between nurses and patients to create wholeness. This theory encompasses the art, science and spirituality involved in nursing practice.

The mountain peaks represent the three core principles:




The flowing streams from these mountains carry these principles to nourish the trees of our nursing values: 

Collaborative Care: We collaborate with our nursing colleagues and other team members, including patients and their families.

Advocacy: We act and speak for our patients’ best interests, while honoring their wishes and choices

Individualized Care: We care for each patient by personalizing our approach to best achieve individual wholeness

Excellence: With efficiency and good stewardship of our resources, we strive for the best outcomes and experiences for our patients

Evidenced Based Practice (EBP): We utilize research and literature to drive the best possible outcomes and high quality nursing practice

Innovation: We constantly assess, adapt, and implement new ways to better serve our patients

Safety: We keep patient safety a top priority and provide care through a fair and just culture

Professional Development: We provide personal and professional growth opportunities and ongoing education for nurses at all levels

Leadership: We empower nursing leaders (formal and informal) as drivers of both clinical practice and our profession

The lake of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness is fed by these same streams. The lily pads in the lake symbolize those whom we serve:  patients, families, communities and associates. Our served populations are all in the center of the lake and the Professional Practice Model itself, conveying our patient, family, and community-centered model of care.

The sun represents our nursing culture, which places the registered nurse as the leader, advocate, director, and facilitator of patient care. We believe that nurses are leaders in the care of their patients and have insight, act with intention, remove barriers to quality care, and consistently make patients, families, communities and associates their highest priority. Nurses play an integral role in Saint Joseph Hospital’s present strength, as well as its future success.




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