Saint Joseph Hospital

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Nursing at Saint Joseph Hospital

At Saint Joseph Hospital, our nurses are the front line of patient care. They position their patients as key decision-makers and partner with them on their plan of care. 

Nurses put the patients and families at the center of their care by:

  • Using their knowledge, commitment and experience to guide their patients to achieve optimal health.
  • Showing compassion in their daily interactions with patients and treating every patient with dignity.
  • Designing the future of healthcare by using their expertise in the science and art of nursing. 

Overall, Saint Joseph Hospital recognizes the exceptional value our nurses bring to the care experience. Nurses are the foundation of our healthcare ministry and comprise the largest segment of our hospital staff. The success of Saint Joseph Hospital and SCL Health's organizational goals demand the strong engagement and professional excellence of our front-line nurses and their leaders and they don't fail to deliver.

The Saint Joseph Hospital Model of Care sets our Nurses apart

Caring is critical in helping people maintain health, promote healing, adapt to stressful experiences, and in supporting a dignified end of life. Learn more about our exceptional nursing experience at :


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