Saint Joseph Hospital General Surgery Residency

Application Information for 2022 Intern Class

Saint Joseph Hospital Graduate Medical Education Residency uses ONLY the Electronic Residency Application System (ERASfor each year's application process and match. This service necessitates electronic applications only. Please contact ERAS for more information on the application process.

Categorical Applicants

The following information is required to be submitted to ERAS for your application to be accepted for review:

  1. Personal statement
  2. Dean's letter
  3. Medical school transcript
  4. Three letters of recommendation
  5. USMLE transcript. (We do not recognize the COMLEX as an alternative to the USMLE for selection purposes for an interview.)
  • Over 1,000 students will be applying to SJH, therefore we strongly recommend that you participate in the ERAS Supplemental Application. However, this is not required. This will allow applicants to provide more meaningful information about their unique experiences and identify incoming residents who will grow and thrive in this residency program.Within this tool there is an opportunity to signal if you have an interest in our program.

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  • Once we have reviewed ERAS applications, we will select individuals to complete an Introductory Video Interview for our program. This will include a one-way video recording of you answering a series of straight forward questions. This Introductory Video Interview will be offered via email starting October 12, 2021. You must complete the Introductory Video Interview for our program in order to be considered for a formal interview.
    • If you are selected to participate in the Introductory Video Interview you will be emailed a link to the platform we use, with instructions on how to record and submit, along with the questions that you will be answering during the video.
    • Please note that the Introductory Video Interview WILL BE RECORDED so that it may be reviewed by multiple reviewers. By submitting this recording you consent to have the recording kept on record and reviewed by our interview selection committee. This will not be used outside of the interview process.


  • Formal interviews will be offered to selected candidates starting October 27, 2021 after reviewing the Introductory Video Interviews.
  • All formal interviews will be done virtually at the recommendation of the Association of Program Directors in Surgery. Interviews will commence in November and December 2021.
  • We will be utilizing a Google Meets platform. The formal interview will not be recorded.
  • At this time there will be no in-person interviews in accordance with national recommendations.


Preliminary Applicants

  • Applications must be submitted electronically through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application System)
  • Due to the large volume of high quality applicants that we receive, if you have a keen interest in our program please reach out via email to Laurie Cooper or Dr. Johnson to signal your interest. If you haven't heard about an interview by January 15, feel free to reach out by email.
  • Interview offers will be sent out in December and all interviews will be done virtually via Google Meets in January and February.

For questions or additional information:

Laurie Cooper, Program Administrator
Saint Joseph Hospital
1375 E. 19th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218
303-812-6400 (O)

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