Saint Joseph Hospital Family Medicine Residency

Obstetrics Emphasis

400x300DeliverySimulationSJHFamilyMedicineResidencyOBEmphasisThe OB-emphasis track enables a select group of family medicine residents with demonstrated commitment to and aptitude for obstetrics to gain experience in high-risk case management and make progress toward competency in operative OB procedures. Many of these residents anticipate providing family medicine care including OB to rural, underserved, or international communities where access to specialty care is limited or absent. These residents provide additional coverage on the Saint Joseph Hospital labor deck on Fridays during the absence of the OB/GYN residents.


  • Increase patient safety and attending physician satisfaction through the availability of upper-level family medicine residents on the labor deck on Fridays
  • Facilitate OB/GYN residents' attendance to other clinical responsibilities and didactic learning opportunities
  • Develop increased obstetrics clinical competency for a specified group of FM residents to include the following areas:
    • Foundational and advancing operative skills in C-sections
    • Instrumented vaginal delivery – vacuum and forceps
    • OB ultrasound
  • Evaluate and manage pre-term labor and delivery
  • Manage pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes
  • Peripartum management of medical problems in pregnancy