Didactics are taught on a daily basis through our noon conference series. Our core didactic curriculum is based on an 18-month cycle, meaning you will get exposed to each topic at least twice during residency. We also offer academic half-day sessions in our simulation lab (or in the great outdoors) on a number of topics, including:

  • Wilderness medicine
  • Obstetric emergencies
  • Hospital procedures
  • Family planning training
  • Casting and splinting workshop

Our didactics includes a balanced mix of family medicine and specialty perspectives, including teaching from our colleagues in OB/GYN, medicine and critical care. There are a number of scheduled recurring talks, including:

•  Journal club   •  Family medicine morning report
•  Sports medicine   •  Behavioral health
•  OMT   •  Practice management
•  Community medicine   •  Palliative medicine
•  Meaning in medicine   •  Complementary and Integrative medicine

Our noon conference series also includes dedicated time for team-based quality improvement conferences. You will also have access to didactics in a number of other specialties during your rotations, including Pediatrics, IM/ICU and ECG conferences.