A Rehabilitation Plan Just for You

Whether you’ve just had surgery or are recovering from an illness or injury, your plan for rehabilitation is unique to you. Our therapists and specialists will create a custom plan to help you recover and get back to living a fuller life.

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Our therapists work for you

Our expert therapists provide one-on-one attention, support, tools and techniques to improve your health and quality of life long after your therapy ends. Our services include:

Comprehensive services

When you’re recovering from an illness, injury or a chronic condition, trust our care experts. We have specific programs for both rehab and physical therapy. Our experts will tailor our physical medicine and rehabilitation care to your unique needs.

Below are some of our most popular care services.

Physical therapy

Our physical therapists will customize a plan to get you back to the life you want. We have extensive clinical experience and are able to examine, diagnose, and prevent or treat conditions that limit your body’s ability to move and function.

We treat many common conditions, such as: arthritis, neck, back, knee and shoulder pain, osteoporosis, overuse injuries, stroke, sprains, strains, fractures, balance problems, specialized women’s services for incontinence and much more.

Learn more about our physical therapy services.

Occupational therapy

If daily household chores and activities are difficult for you, our Occupational Therapy team will help you regain these important skills. We see clients as young as premature infants in our NICU through seniors via in hospital and outpatient therapy programs. We offer hand therapy, treatment for developmental and neurological conditions, as well as orthopedic and general strengthening and conditioning programs.

Explore more of our occupational therapy offerings.

Speech therapy

If you or your child has a speech or swallowing disorder, we can give you relief. Our expert speech therapists will develop custom care plans to help you build skills to improve and restore your communication, language, speech, voice and swallowing abilities.

Read more on speech therapy services.

Stroke and neurological rehabilitation

We are accredited as a Primary Stroke Center by The Joint Commission and specialize in returning you to a life without too many limits. We’ll create an individualized plan and partner with you and your family to provide a full support circle.

Learn about our neurological and stroke rehabilitation services.

Orthopedic rehabilitation

We have a highly regarded joint replacement program and specialize in helping you prepare for your surgery with Total Joint University and a pre-surgery exercise plan. We also specialize in helping you recover so you feel better than before your procedure.

Learn about our orthopedic rehabilitation services.

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