Emergency Care

Any time, day or night, we're ready to help you in a medical emergency. Our teams of emergency medicine doctors, specialists and specialty-trained nurses, technicians, pharmacists, care managers and others work together to provide lifesaving treatments and personal care. It is our goal to calm your stress, take care of you and your loved ones and support you after you leave.

Getting to the ER

If you have a serious or life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. Trained professionals can begin treatment right away—before you reach the hospital—and prepare the ER team for your arrival.

Find out when to go to the emergency room and learn about other care options.

You’ll find Platte Valley’s Level III Trauma Center on the north side of our hospital campus.

At times you may need a higher level of care than is available in your local ER. You can rely on our resources and partnerships to get you quickly to the right experts within the hospital, at another SCL Health facility or anywhere that provides appropriate care. We maintain a 24-hour helipad for emergent evacuation and inter-facility transport of patients.

What to expect when you visit the ER

We’ll help make your visit as smooth as possible by evaluating your situation, getting your test results and starting treatment. Our goal is to calm your stress and to take care of you and your loved ones.

When you arrive in the ER, a member of our emergency care staff will assess your injury or illness. After this, you’ll check in at our registration desk to provide any information we need to treat you. The severity of your injury or illness will determine the order in which you’re seen by ER staff.

After you go home, we’ll continue to support you by contacting your regular doctor or helping you find one. If you need to be admitted to the hospital, we’ll make sure there’s a bed waiting for you.

Learn what to bring and what to expect when you come to Platte Valley’s Emergency Room.

Why choose Platte Valley for emergency treatment?

Our emergency medicine doctors, specialty-trained nurses and technicians bring you with the highest quality of care, providing:

  • assessment
  • resuscitation
  • surgery
  • intensive care
  • stabilization of injured patients
  • emergency operations

Platte Valley Medical Center offers a high level of care:

Our ER is equipped with:

  • 16 private rooms for the safety and privacy of our patients
  • dedicated trauma bay
  • orthopedic procedure room
  • four negative air-flow rooms for necessary respiratory and airborne isolation

In addition, our Platte Valley ER team is trained to identify and treat less serious conditions quickly.

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