Cancer Provider and Patient

Care and Support

Your care team

We know that a bladder or kidney cancer diagnosis can seem overwhelming and confusing. We try to offer everything you need during treatment and beyond – from genetic testing and spiritual care to support groups, financial counseling and survivorship – in one place. You can trust us to help manage your care and reduce every possible inconvenience during treatment. This will allow you to focus your energy on your journey, your loved ones and living each day to its fullest.

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Life beyond bladder and kidney cancer

With earlier detection, more patients are surviving bladder and kidney cancer than ever before. Our survivorship program gives you access to specialists who partner with you for your post-treatment. This program focuses on nutritional goals, healthy living and emotional well-being. We’ll also help you set up regular medical checkups with your primary doctor to prevent, detect and manage any complications related to your cancer or cancer treatment. Because of your risk of future cancers, screening and surveillance are essential to your long-term health.

We also offer lymphedema therapy, if needed. Lymphedema is a complication that may occur months or years after surgery if you had lymph nodes removed.

Survivorship care

Talk with your doctor about developing a survivorship care plan. This document will summarize the cancer treatment you received and outline the medical guidance you’ll need as you transition to living beyond cancer.

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