Cancer Care

Cancer may make you feel like you’ve lost control. We’ll put you back in charge of your life with proven therapies and the latest science, keeping you close to home and the people who help you stay strong.

Supporting patients and families

We know that life is busy and you need us to help you navigate your cancer journey. We are here for you from your first screening appointment, to understanding your cancer diagnosis, to treatment and beyond. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

We get to know you and your family members on a first-name basis. Expect us to provide treatment and resources that consider all your needs – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Patients needing a consultation should have a referral from a primary care physician. But you can self-refer if you don't have a doctor's referral. You can also schedule an appointment with nurse clinicians for education and resource referrals. Call calling (303) 498-2200 to receive this help.

More about what to expect.

Our community cancer program

Our community cancer program provides consultation, treatment and follow-up care. We provide these services through medical oncologists and certified oncology nurses.

Our outpatient clinic provides patient education on disease and cancer treatment options. We ensure you have up-to-date chemotherapy treatments and symptom management help. 

How we diagnose and treat cancer

We detect cancer in its earliest stages by using advanced techniques for screening and diagnosis.

If you need hospital services, like nutrition counseling, physical therapists or social services, we can help. We'll work with you to ensure you have the referrals for these specific needs. You also have access to genetic counseling and testing at our sister SCL Health hospitals. Using genetic testing can help you understand and manage your risk of hereditary cancer. 

Our skilled specialists treat all types of cancer. Once diagnosed, we will create personalized care and treatment plans. These unique plans often combine treatments to give you the best outcome. 

Chemotherapy and infusion

Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. Most patients receive chemotherapy by mouth or through an IV into a vein. Infusion therapy is also administered through a vein into the bloodstream. It provides you with fluid, blood or blood products, nutritional supplements or targeted therapies.

During your chemo treatment, you can watch TV, listen to music, or enjoy the view. We administer all chemotherapy treatments in a clinic environment to enhance relaxation.

More about chemotherapy and infusion therapy.

Cancer surgery

Cancer surgery is often the first line of treatment in fighting cancer. It’s used to diagnose and stage cancer and remove cancerous tumors and tissue. Many operations use minimally invasive procedures that use smaller incisions and result in quicker recovery.

More about cancer surgery.


Immunotherapy is also called biological therapy. It uses your body’s natural immune system to protect you and fight cancer. For best results, immunotherapy combines with treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. Immunotherapy works best to treat early-stage cancers.

Clinical trials

Cancer research is one of the most active and promising fields in medical science. New discoveries are emerging on a regular basis. Often, we’re able to provide our patients with direct access to innovative therapies through participation in clinical trials.

Learn more about what we offer and how to qualify for a clinical trial.

Hear from patients who’ve been there 

Sometimes the most comforting words are from fellow cancer survivors.

Hear from patients who’ve walked the path and won.

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