If you have a serious or life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Continuing Education and Support for EMS Providers

Platte Valley Ambulance Service (PVAS) has provided emergency medical services (EMS) education for our ambulance personnel and surrounding emergency services agencies since 1972. We are accredited by the State of Colorado as EMS Training Group #126.

Educational offerings by PVAS

Our combined EMT & Paramedic refresher course offers 72 hours of continuing education and includes BCLS, ACLS and PALS recertification. Participants attend classes in the basement training room of Platte Valley Medical Center on Wednesdays from 08:00-17:00.  Cost is $300, with an optional book fee.

In addition participants may enroll for specific classes within the refresher program for continuing education credit. To register, contact Assistant Chief Paramedic, Chris Mulberry at 720-685-8420 or cmulberry@pvmc.org.

Refresher Courses in 2018 

We sponsor monthly continuing education sessions for

  • Platte Valley Ambulance Service
  • Platte Valley Emergency Department
  • Brighton Fire Rescue
  • Southeast Weld Fire Protection District
  • Hudson Fire Protection District.

Personnel from other organizations are welcome to attend any of these sessions. RSVP Assistant Chief Paramedic, Chris Mulberry at 720-685-8420 or cmulberry@pvmc.org.

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