When every second counts, we’re there for you

Platte Valley Ambulance’s award-winning emergency medical services (EMS) team serves Brighton, Great Rock, Henderson, Lochbuie , Todd Creek, Wattenburg and portions of Adams and Weld Counties. Our medics employ a wide range of proven and innovative emergency strategies supported by advanced technologies and equipment. As experts in caring for people, our team keeps you well-informed and included in your care. Our highest priorities are to ensure our patients are safe and comfortable. We partner with area emergency personnel, including 9-1-1 operators ready to assist you when an emergency arises.

Platte Valley Ambulance Service has provided EMS continuing education for our own ambulance personnel and surrounding emergency service agencies since 1972. We are accredited by the State of Colorado as EMS Training Group #126.

Learn more about EMS Continuing Education, Training and Support.

What happens when you call 9-1-1?

Platte Valley Ambulance is a part of an elaborate community networked to serve you. The EMS system begins with the Adams and Weld County 9-1-1 dispatch centers, who will deliver key medical instructions to you over the phone while notifying other emergency personnel such as:

  • Doctors and assistants
  • Fire service
  • Helicopter services
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical first responders
  • Nurses and medical technicians

Together, we are proud to serve our local communities. Learn more about us and follow emergency news updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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