Intermountain FAQ

SCL Health and Intermountain Healthcare have merged to create a new health system that serves more people across the Mountain West.

Common Questions & Answers

Do SCL Health patients need to do anything as a result of the merger?

There is nothing that SCL Health patients need to do as a result of this merger. Patients will still be able to access the same healthcare services, providers and facilities that they are currently using. Patients will still have the same doctors and care teams that they have today.

Why did SCL Health and Intermountain Healthcare merge?

Intermountain Healthcare and SCL Health, two leading nonprofit healthcare organizations, saw a unique opportunity to create a model health system that provides high-quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare to more patients and communities in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, and Kansas.

Will my insurance still be accepted?

Yes. There are no changes to any of the insurance plans and benefits that are currently accepted by our clinics, doctors and hospitals.

Will I pay more for medical services as a result of the merger?

No. Intermountain Healthcare is dedicated to affordable care and health services.  Providing high-quality healthcare at an affordable price is one of the many reasons why SCL Health and Intermountain Healthcare decided to merge.

Do I need to reschedule appointments or procedures that were made before the merger?

No. Previously scheduled appointments and procedures are not affected by the SCL Health and Intermountain Healthcare merger. It’s still business as usual at all clinics and hospitals.

Will I still have access to my online medical records?

Yes. If you currently use MyChart or the SCL Health app to access your medical records, nothing is changing. You will still be able to access your medical history, communicate with your providers, pay bills and schedule future appointments through the current online portal.

Where do I pay medical bills?

Continue to follow billing instructions provided on statements and through patient portal messaging. You will not be able to pay a bill through Intermountain Healthcare for services provided by SCL Health at this time.

Will services change at SCL Health hospitals and clinics?

No. There will be no change in any medical services currently offered at any of our hospitals in Montana or Colorado. We continue to provide 24-7 emergency and trauma care as well as all other hospital services.

Can I still schedule an appointment online?

Yes. Online scheduling with providers through, MyChart and the SCL Health app is not changing. If you need to schedule an appointment, we encourage you to continue using these easy and convenient tools.

Will SCL Health hospitals still have a religious affiliation after the merger?

Yes. SCL Health’s Catholic hospitals will retain their distinctive Catholic names and continue to operate according to existing Catholic practices.

What will happen to the SCL Health and Intermountain Healthcare brands?

The new health system is adopting the Intermountain Healthcare name and brand. As a result, the SCL Health name will be replaced with Intermountain Healthcare. It will take several months before you start to notice the new name and brand appearing in Colorado, Montana, and Kansas.

Will patients in Montana or Colorado be transferred to Utah for procedures or follow-up care?

While we are now part of Intermountain Healthcare, a nationally-recognized and award-winning healthcare system, patient care and services will still remain close to home. Patients requiring surgery, cancer care and other specialty services will still have local access to the same services and offerings.

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