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About SCL Health Medical Group - West Grand

We’re happy to tell you about us: our compassionate caregivers, our clinical excellence, our award-winning care and even our beautiful facilities and campuses. But when you trust us with your health, it’s really all about you. Our patients and families are the center of our thoughts, communications and actions.

At SCL Health Medical Group - West Grand we care for your whole family. We provide care for everyone from babies to seniors and we care about getting to know you and watching your family grow. Our care will inspire your trust.

Family medicine

Family medicine is just that—care for your whole family. No matter your age or your health needs, we can provide you care or connect you to the right specialist. When you have one trusted clinic for your entire family’s health it takes a lot of worry and stress off your shoulders. Rather than running around town for different appointments come to one clinic and spend the time you saved doing something you enjoy with your family. Establish a relationship with our family medicine doctors so you can see familiar faces every time you visit and trust that we know your history and provide only the advice that is most helpful.

Convenient care

You can find many services in our clinic, such as lab and X-ray, so you can receive care and results faster. We want to bring certainty to you as quickly as we can.

Child healthcare

From infants to teens, we provide care for the smallest members of your family. We will help prepare them for their first meals, play sports, get ready to live on their own, and everything in between.

Philosophy of care

We offer personalized care by qualified doctors in a convenient setting. Your whole family can receive care close to home. We make sure you feel comfortable asking questions and feel like you received complete care. Having a close relationship with a primary care doctor is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid serious medical conditions and save money on healthcare costs. Let us be your guide through a complex healthcare world.

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About SCL Health Medical Group - Montana

SCL Health Medical Group - Montana is a network of primary and specialty care clinics serving adults and kids in Montana and Wyoming. As our clinics you will always have someone to answer your questions and address your concerns. We provide primary care for your whole family and can also connect you with our network of specialists if you have a specific medical condition. We also focus on providing care to the rural areas of Montana and Wyoming so you don’t have to travel far for excellent care.

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