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Patient Rights and Privacy

Your rights and privacy are important to you and to us.

We are required to protect your rights and your privacy as a patient. Your questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Your privacy is our commitment

You have the right to confidentiality and the protection of your privacy, whether you’re a patient or a visitor in our hospitals or clinics, and when you’re engaging with SCL Health online.

Learn more about SCL Health’s strict privacy principles.

Your right to an interpreter

Every SCL Health hospital and clinic offers you and your loved ones free access to hearing and language interpreters. Please inform your care team if you need an interpreter, who can help:

  • Obtain your medical history
  • Get informed consent or permission for treatment
  • Explain a diagnosis or medical procedure
  • Explain a change in condition or treatment
  • Discuss medications and possible side effects
  • Meet with doctors and professionals or office staff
  • Explain discharge instructions

Your right to an ethics consultation

If you have an ethical healthcare concern, ask to speak with a hospital supervisor or department director.

Your right to report a concern or grievance

We encourage you to report patient care and safety concerns to your caregiver, department director or patient advocate. If we are not able to provide a satisfactory resolution, ask your patient advocate how to contact the appropriate outside organizations in your state to report your concern.

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