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Personalized Treatment, Finding the Right Option for You

Navigating treatment options can be overwhelming. We guide our patients through the process, making sure the treatment plan is understood while helping them navigate the system efficiently.

We believe in providing multi-disciplinary care with increasing emphasis on nonsurgical modalities. In fact, almost 90% of our patients are treated non-surgically.* We have developed protocols that help standardize treatments for acute and sub-acute spine pain. We also provide unique, cognitive based therapy for chronic spine pain. Additionally, we evaluate clinical outcome data in an effort to improve the services we provide to our patients. We will facilitate, educate and support you throughout the process. 

Spine Care Pathway


Non-Surgical Treatments

The team at the Comprehensive Spine Center attacks spine pain from all angles. The non-surgical treatment options are key to get you results quickly and efficiently. As part of your multidisciplinary treatment plan, you will immediately get the benefits of a variety of therapies all working together to restore mobility, build strength and stability and help you cope with the mental stress, fear and anxiety sometimes associated with back pain.

If Surgery is the Right Option

Our goal at the Comprehensive Spine Center is to eliminate the need of invasive spinal treatment. Sometimes, however, surgery is necessary. In those times, we refer to experts at St. Mary’s Brain and Spine Clinic. We have assembled one of the most experienced neurosurgical teams on the Western Slope of Colorado equipped with state-of-the art equipment. Services offered range from minimally invasive spine surgery to complex revision and deformity surgery. Of patients entering the comprehensive spine program, less than 5% require a fusion procedure.* 

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