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Frequently Asked Questions about the Low Intervention Birth Suites at Lutheran Medical Center

What are the Birth Center Suites at Lutheran?

Lutheran Medical Center now offers two birth-center style suites. The specialty suites offer a high-touch, low intervention birth-center style experience within the safety of the hospital. In addition to the amenities offered in our private rooms such as the large Jacuzzi tubs for hydrotherapy, our newly remodeled suites feature queen-size beds, labor support slings, holistic pain management and low-intervention monitoring.

What is low-intervention monitoring?

Similar to your pre- natal office visits, we use intermittent doppler monitoring instead of continuous fetal monitoring. For more information, please contact 303-425-baby.

What pain management options are available in the birth suites?

The birth-center style suites are focused on the natural childbirth experience. Nitrous oxide is available for those wishing for an analgesic (a pain reliever). According to the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), “Research has supported the reasonable efficacy, safety, and unique and beneficial qualities of N2O as an analgesic for labor and its use as a widely accepted component of quality maternity care” (2011). 

We do not offer IV pain medicine in our birth center suites. If during the laboring process the patient wishes to introduce other pain relief options, we are happy to offer those options as we transition you to the regular birthing suites on the unit. 

How long after birth do I have to stay at the hospital?

You are able to go home 24 hours after giving birth, as long as you and your baby are doing well. Critical congenital heart screening must be performed for the newborn at 24 hours old, as regulated by the State of Colorado. 

What providers deliver in the birth suites?

All of our OB/GYN and midwife providers at Lutheran Medical Center can deliver in the birth-center style suites. For more help on finding a provider that is right for you, please call 303-425-baby.

Is water birth an option?

Per the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), water births are recommended for hospitals participating in a research study. Lutheran Medical Center is not participating in a study at this time. 

What are the requirements to deliver in the birth center?

Expecting moms wishing to deliver in the birth-center style suites are required to complete an eligibility screening evaluation prior to giving birth in these suites. In general, high-risk individuals, women over the age of 40, women expecting multiples, and  previous c -section patients would be NOT be recommended for a birth-center delivery. If the screening indicates you are eligible for a birth-center suite delivery, a half or full day class is also required.

To schedule a screening for the birth center suites, please call: 303-425-baby.




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