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Low Intervention Birth Suites at Lutheran Medical Center

The Women and Family Center at Lutheran Medical Center offers a birth center experience within the safety of the hospital. We provide personalized care that helps to ensure the best possible experience for you and your family. Our goal is to offer you guidance and support before and during your birth experience.  And we are here for you even after your baby is born.

What is a low intervention birth?
A low intervention birth allows labor to begin and progress naturally without medical intervention. Holistic pain management is provided through massage, labor support slings and hydrotherapy. We utilize small hand held dopplers to listen to your baby’s heart rate. This allows you increased movement around the room as your labor progresses. 
Personalized care
Our beautiful birth suites are spacious and provide a comfortable and relaxing setting for you and your family. From hydrotherapy to alternative methods of pain management, you may customize your birth experience to fit your needs.
Birth Suite amenities include:
  • Queen-size beds
  • Labor support slings
  • Oversized relaxation tubs
  • Holistic pain management
  • Aromatherapy
  • Family-centered care
  • Lactation support services

Get the right care at the right time

Sometimes births don’t go according to plan. If complications happen to arise, take comfort that you will be taken care of right away. Our OB/GYNs, maternal fetal medicine specialists and NICU will give you and your baby expert care you deserve. 
Birth Center Tours

Our five-star center is one of the newest in the metro area. We invite all expecting parents to sign up for a birth center tour. This hour-long session is offered on an ongoing basis to introduce you and your partner to the environment where you will welcome your baby. 

OB Navigation

We encourage you and your partner to schedule a complimentary appointment with our OB Nurse Navigator to create a customized birth center experience, complete the pre-admission questionnaire and to have any questions answered. Our OB Navigators offer one-on-one tours of the Birth Center during this appointment. For more information or to speak with an OB Nurse Navigator, please call 303-425-2515 or request an appointment today.

For additional information about our birthing services, please call: 303-425-2141


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