Lutheran Medical Center


Our pharmacy department operates with patient health and comfort as our top priorities, providing 24-hour service to hospital patients to ensure safe and timely delivery of medication.

We operate several locations throughout the hospital, staffed with clinical pharmacists and certified technicians, which allows us to provide an additional level of care by extending pharmacy services directly to patient floors. Our emergency department satellite offers prescription services for patients and associates 24 hours a day. We are licensed with the state and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and inspected by the Joint Commission.

Request a prescription refill online

The MyChart Patient Portal allows you to quickly request prescription refills online, access your health information, schedule appointments and view lab results. MyChart is available 24/7 on a variety of devices — including your smartphone, tablet, laptop and home computer.

Learn more about signing up, as well as other benefits of using MyChart.

Specialty pharmacy services

If you have a prescription to treat a condition such as cancer or psoriasis that requires special administration, handling or monitoring, our specially trained pharmacists will work with you to manage every aspect of your care.

Learn more about specialty pharmacy services.

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